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Our Backdrops


Pick your favourite two......


These are our favourite backdrops to work with.  We've developed these over the last few months and they mark a huge improvement in both photographic results, due to their favourable light reflectiveness, and their spacial adaptability. They are all 5 foot wide by 7.5 foot tall and they each come with their own unique character and props. 


Add The Video Confessional

The ultimate choice to capture both emotional and hilarious messages from your guests. We blended the old with the new with our easy-to-use touchscreen video clip recorder surrounded by some lovely vintage props, and studio lighting.

We encourage people to sing, dance and and answer some deep and meaningful questions about you and your partner,  (after a couple of glasses of wine of course!!) 


This choice includes an edited video of all personal messages uploaded to a private youtube link.

A superb way to remember the night. 

This is €150 extra including all video editing. 

This is how they will look ....

The Cage
The Heart Warmer
The Ball Wall
Studio 3
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