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Frequently Asked Questions


When do you arrive? 


We arrive during your evening meal and you won’t even know we’re organising one of the most fun experiences of the night.

Where do you set up? 


We aim to be in the main room to make it as interactive as possible. This is not always practical and sometimes shoots just outside the main room have proven to be absolute gems. We will work with the staff on site to ensure we are in the position with maximum potential for interaction.



How long do you stay for? 


The fun begins soon after dinner which would usually be between 8 and 10, and we stay until midnight strikes when the dance floor becomes the priority! 



It’s a tiny bit more expensive than some cheap "box" Photo booths, why? 


We hope that you can see the difference for yourself, but here are just a few points:


  • A real photographer for the night instead of a static low quality auto-set camera. 

  • We do a three hour photo edit the next day on up to 1000 photos to ensure a beautiful collection of photos of all your friends and relatives, while your average booth does their couple of hours on the night and thats it.

  • A van full of bespoke handmade backdrops and props, quality vintage hats, glasses and fun items, as apposed to tacky wigs and feather boas.



Do you print photos?

No, here's why:

1.  Our innovative edited live-display was created to ensure everyone sees everybody's photos, creating a talking point and drawing people in to take part and outdo each others funniest mic-rocking pose! It's all about engagement and fun. In a printing booth, the only person who sees the photo is the person in it. It's an extremely cheap print that ends up at the bottom of a handbag or suit jacket pocket. We know.... we've all been there!


2.   Our photos are created to last. They are high-quality studio photos and we think they deserve proper printing.  We send you a pro-grade digital copy the very next day, and they are also uploaded to Facebook in high-res printable quality.  Put our photos in a frame, not a handbag! 



How soon after the event do we receive the digital photos? 


One of the things that gets a lot of positive feedback from our shoots is we upload the best photos from the night by the Monday after your wedding at the latest, and often, the very next day! This is a great for relatives and friends who couldn't make it and is also a great ice-breaker and talking point when reliving the night. Then we will send you out the edited shoot via WeTransfer so that you have a high-res version of all the edited and unedited photos.



Can you take photos outside the booth?


While the booth area is our main focus for the night, we often get the opportunity to capture some moments outside the photobooth. We cannot guarantee this as the booth may be full of your guests, but we will try our best if requester. This is done at no extra cost.  If your main photographer or videographer are still on site however, we will have to stay in our booth as their contracts may contain exclusivity clauses.



What is the deposit and when is the balance due?

We require a save-your-date deposit of €200 which will ensure Vintage Photo Company will be there at your big day! We will send you a PayPal invoice via email which you can pay with a debit/credit card, you don't need to be a PayPal member. The remaining balance is either payable on the night (you can leave an envelope with your trusty best man) or you can pay the balance by bank transfer at any time before the day at your convenience.

How long do you shoot for?

We shoot from as soon after your meal as possible for a maximum of 2.5 hours or until midnight, whichever comes first. We do not stay beyond midnight as, from years of experience, we find the best shots are captured before then. 


Why choose Vintage Photo Company?


Choose us if you're looking for something a little bit differenat fun with quality results, delivered with a touch of class and an all round professional experience. Check out our reviews section for recent feedback: CLICK HERE!

COVID-19 Updates

As photographers, we're delighted to be still able to provide you with high quality booth shots in a safe and responsible manner. We've had to change a couple of small things for everybodys wellbeing. 

Our photogapher will be masked and sanitise hands regularly.

Our backdrops, lighting and screen will remain exactly the same.

Our bespoke large props (guitar, frame etc) will remain the same and be cleaned after every use.

High-touch items such as glass, hats and moustaches will not be in use for obvious reasons.


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